Our regulations are necessary for the fair and proper running of the Festival.


01 The Festival is for amateurs and music students, whatever their standard. An amateur is defined as someone who does not derive more than out-of-pocket expenses for teaching and performing.

02 Pupils of an Adjudicator for a six-month period prior to the Festival are requested not to compete in any class judged solely by that adjudicator.

03 Age must be stated as at 1 April 2017 or 1 May 2017 for drama classes. In the case of duets, ensembles and groups the age of the oldest performer determines the class.

04 Competitors will not be allowed to perform in a class for which they are not eligible by age.


05 All entries must reach the Section Secretary on or before the published closing date for that section.

06 The acceptance of late entries is solely at the discretion of the Section Secretary.

07 The Entry Fee for each class is shown in the syllabus next to the class.

08 Entries made online must be paid for online before they can be accepted.

09 Posted entries on the printed form must be accompanied by a cheque, payable to ‘North London Music Festival’.

10 Entry Fees, when received, are not refundable unless the class is withdrawn.

11 It is expected that the Title, Composer/Author and playing time are stated on the Entry Form.

12 Ensembles, Choirs and Orchestras need to indicate the approximate number of performers.


13 All competitors will arrive for the start of their class at the time indicated on the information sheet that will be emailed to them or posted if no email is supplied.

14 A clean copy of the music/text must be provided for the adjudicator. In keeping with the laws of copyright, performers may photocopy their part for this purpose as long as competitors play/read from an original. All photocopies, if not collected by the end of the class, will be destroyed.

15 Time limits for a performance set out in the syllabus should be observed.

16 The same piece must not be performed in more than one class.

17 Performers should be aware that they are being judged on all areas of their stage craft. It is suggested that competitors dress suitably, make contact with their audience by announcing their programme and bowing at the close of their performance.


18 Every performer/group of performers will receive an adjudication sheet and certificate of attendance after each class.

19 All Certificates, Medals, Cups and Special Awards are given at the adjudicator’s discretion.

20 The Festival reserves the right to replace or engage additional adjudicators if need be.

21 The adjudicator’s decisions, without exception or question, are final.

Marking System

22 Festival classes and Competitions are not examinations and participants come for enjoyment and to learn from their peers and the Adjudicators. However, trophies, prizes and medals are awarded and the following categories are used:

Commended A capable performance showing some artistic appreciation
and/or technical ability.
Distinction An excellent performance technically and artistically.
Outstanding An exceptional performance both technically and artistically.

Suggestions and Complaints

Any suggestions, comments or complaints about the Festival should be submitted in writing to the Festival Administrator:

Janice Twiselton
64 Powys Lane
N13 4HS


First Competitor's Name
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Date of birth (if under 18)
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Instrument / voice
Second Competitor's Name
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Date of birth (if under 18)
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Instrument / voice
Group/Choir Size (if applicable)
Title and Composer of piece to be performed
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Time to perform (if applicable)
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