This section provides opportunities for everyone from the beginner to the post graduate music student and caters for the talented youngster as well as the adult novice or the skilled performer.

Different genres, periods and national schools of piano playing are covered. Some classes are devoted to the performance of particular composers such as Bach, Beethoven, Chopin and Liszt, while others leave the choice of work entirely to the performer, but if you cannot find a class that seems exactly what you want, please get in touch and we will see how we can best accommodate you.

In addition to solo classes, there are also opportunities for piano duets.

This year piano classes will be held at Hampstead Garden Suburb Free Church, Central Square, NW11 7AG

Prizes and Certificates

There are cash prizes and trophies to be competed for in the Premier Challenge Cup (£75 + cup), Recital Class (£75 + cup first prize; £50 second prize), Concerto Class (£50) among others. In other classes there are gold, silver and bronze medals to be won, and every competitor will receive a written adjudication sheet and certificate of participation. Cups will be awarded to the most talented pianists under 16 and under 8 years of age and to the most outstanding piano duet.

One form should be used for each competitor/group/choir/etc., listing all the classes to be entered in any ONE SECTION. A separate entry form must be used for each Section of the Festival entered. Once you have submitted the form, you will need to transfer the total amount due to our bank account. Our bank details are displayed at the bottom of this form. Closing dates for entries are clearly marked at the top of each section of the syllabus.

Please, add only the entries you need.

Entry 1

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* see syllabus for fees applicable to each class

Declaration by person filling in the Entry Form

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  • Yes, I agree I/We agree to deposit the total amount into North London Festival bank account within the next 48 hours. (If we do not receive full payment, we will be unable to process your application)
  • Official Accompanist: Do you wish to use an Official Accompanist?


Bank details

Bank Name: CAF Bank

Account name - North London Music Festival

Account number - 00014585

Sort Code 40 - 52 - 40

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